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ShannonHarris.com/AfriFuTrinity: Quantum Cosmic Futures Episode 11

AfriFuTrinity: Quantum Cosmic Futures Episode 11


Time: April 15, 2021 07:00AM
Location: Online
Event Type: Astral Travel
Organized By: Dj Shannon Harris

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AfriFuTrinity: Quantum Cosmic Futures Episode 11.

While easy to label the series ‘dystopian’, as writers, actors, and co- creators Harris and Gibson made intentional choices. The Command Pilot and Zolis’ astral travel from traditional African ceremony to President Joseph Biden’s declarations about Covid vaccinations to delta wave deep sleep brain states, to Operation MIMA, to past life regressions, environmental crisis, astrological significances, satellite discovery, Kemetic (Ancient Egypt) spirituality to Afrofuturism, to NASA’s hidden figures and beyond. The realistic optimism teems from each episode. Too often the Black experience is analogous with pain and that simply is not the case with AfriFuTrintiy: Quantum Cosmic Futures©.

Along with more gorgeous upcoming episodes, expect a bilingual curriculum launching in late 2021. Educators in both the public and private sectors have introduced episodes of AfriFuTrintiy: Quantum Cosmic Futures© into adult and youth coursework. As well, live public art performances and communal archiving are part of the AfriFuTrinity brand spectrum.

AfriFuTrintiy: Quantum Cosmic Futures© is a project of immense territory. It is emotion, optimism, and intellect settling into harmony; a humble yet demanding convergence of ideas. We believe fully this Immersive Audio Songbook© is a new genre and we accept the call to usher it forward. Just as those inventors looked beyond the complexity in their societies and created the future, we follow their trails. Welcome to AfriFurTrinity: Quantum Cosmic Futures© where we catch The Idea, bend and re-form genres, and take flight again. Join us. Much depends on public collective courage. “May your journey be illuminating.” – Shannon & Stacey

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