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ShannonHarris.com/The New World Reveal-A-Solution

The New World Reveal-A-Solution


1. May God Be with U Always buy track
2. Middle Passage buy track
3. Mizimu buy track
4. Kato Kunspearasee buy track
5. He that Hath Ears buy track
6. Interlude buy track
7. Keep On Reachin buy track
8. Interlude buy track
9. Coming Together buy track
10. Speak Softly and Walk Tall buy track
11. Afro Cosmo/R3EM buy track
12. Sapphire buy track
13. Cato Conspiracy buy track
14. The New World Reveal-A-Solution buy track

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About Album

Rising from the urban grass roots of Chicago, carrying on the enrich tradition of musicianship, art and culture emerges producer/DJ/artist Shannon Harris. The debut album ‘The New World Reveal-A-Solution’, travels through key periods of the urban underground past, present and future. ‘The New World Reveal-A-Solution’ is the link between the global urban musical movements which brings the listener positive organic energy through several intense jam sessions. Shannon collaborated with some of the most talented artist in Chicago and abroad to compose legendary recording sessions on the likes of Sun Ra, John Coltrane, Fela and Femi Kuti, Herbie Hancock, Fertile Ground, Miriam Makeba, Building an Ark, Ursula Rucker, Sol Live, King Britt’s Sylk 130, the Detroit Experiment, Oneness of JuJu, Doug Carn’s Black Jazz label and Quincy Jones.

Some key compositions to keep an eye out for are: ‘Mizimu (Ancestral Spirits)’ which is an Afrikan jazz fusion 12 minute journey. Starting off as an Afrikan spiritual and ending with an afro-beat celebration. This composition is woven in a late night setting along the river surrounded by the sounds of nature. You are then embraced with soothing voices, seductive drums, conga’s of romance, mesmerizing piano riffs, a jazzy bass line and a strong up front shaker swinging in the background. Then as you are hooked in the moment, Shannon hits you with rhythmic afrikan drum circle percussions, chants, afrikan funk bass lines, hypnotic organ pads, pounding afro-beat drums, free form saxophone and trumpet, killer 8 piece horn section, and traditional Afrikan vocals.

‘Sapphire’ takes you on a late night spoken word verses organic hip-hop production jam session. Mellow poetic gestures layered over percussive hip hop beats, funky congas, head bouncing bass synth, party claps, old school hip hop scratches, blowing wind, and stereophonic efx’s.

‘Afro Cosmo’ the future cosmic jazz and rock fusion connection takes you to outer space, around the universe and back to planet earth. A spiritual and musical 3rd eye mind trip featuring afro-Rock mellow drum hooks, piercing marimba patterns, spaces bass, galactic guitar, asteroid shower congas, first light and time tunnel keys. WHOA! Sun Ra meets Jimi Hendrix in outer space.

‘May God be with you Always’ a mixture of world and house music promoting harmonious dance. Beginning with a dramatically intro of roaring thunder, rain, and wind taken over by an Asian gong, catchy bass line, theatrical strings, peaceful woodwinds, percussive bongo’s, and a booming Roland 808 kick.

‘Coming Together’ is a late Friday night dance floor jazzy jam session where you can hear the crowd interact with the music in unison. Driving dance style drums married to jazz-fusion piano riffs, funky bass grooves, 4 part harmony vocals, hand claps, instrument solo’s and shouting party dancers.

‘Keep on Reachin’ the intimate relationship between Chicago house music, gospel and funk taking you to church while the dancers get their JACK on. It contains warm sax and trumpet solo’s, piercing organ and Rhode chords, a grooving bass line hook with strong embracing choir vocals.

Shannon Harris recorded the album at Groove Entourage Studio’s in Chicago in a series of several jam sessions over a period of 5 years. Shannon handpicked each participant specifically for the creation of album ‘The New World Reveal-A-Solution’. Some of the talent includes: Frank Parker, Avery R. Young, Junius Paul, Ugochi, Corey Wilkes, Kael Mboya, Aleata Holloway,, Gabe Wallace, Justin Dillard, Rob Amster, Chris Neal, Mama Earth, Jerad Harris, Marlon Billups, William Kurt, Eric ‘Marbl” Johnson, Karen Augustine and Ausirus Billips.

Artist: Shannon Harris
Label: Urbanicity Recordings
Genres: Experimental, Free Jazz, Funk, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Rock, Soul, World Jazz Fusion