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ShannonHarris.com/Audio Urbanology: The Art of Audio Truism

Audio Urbanology: The Art of Audio Truism


1. ATEM RA buy track
2. Desperado El Montuno (The 2nd Rising) buy track
3. Don't Let Go of Your Dreams buy track
4. Viva A Vida Como Se Nao Hauvesse Amanha buy track
5. Destiny Arises buy track
6. Ancient Melodies buy track
7. Leroy B-Boy buy track
8. Kinetic Energy buy track
9. Afrika buy track
10. Spirits of the Black Experience (Nosarnus) buy track
11. States of Receptivity buy track

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About Album

Taking an endless audio flight to several destinations, Shannon Harris’ “Audio Urbanology: The Art of Audio Truism” becomes available August 21st. Six years in the making, this album celebrates and transforms Harris’ African roots and Latin/Asian/Middle Eastern influences into an alluring aural narrative. Weaving sultry vocals and live instrumentation together, this critically acclaimed project also features colorful, esoteric artwork, that is sure to take you on a symphony orchestrated, fantasy filled trip around the globe. Presenting six dialects from four different continents, Harris’ second album truly sets a new standard for the definition of ‘world’ in music.

— Coco Rosario


29 musicians from 4 continents, 5 countries, 6 languages, 2 graphic artist/Illustrators (full color art work), mixed at the largest world class studio in Chicago/CRC, all original music (no samples), classic audiophile analogue gear used on recordings, and marketed with 2 major American marketing firms.


released August 21, 2010

Artists Line up:
Shannon Harris, Corey Wilkes, Junius Paul, Justin Dillard, Brain Smith, Natalie Oliveri, Alia Ammar, Avery R. Young, Shawn Wallace, Amu Mu Ra, Dave Dale, Frank Parker, Christohper Mcbride, Miracle, Africa Japiny, Jube: (Bennett Holland & Julie Clarkson), Rob Amster, Chinyere Achebe, Jimmy Lopez, Aki Jamal, Sal Perez, Gaurav Venkateswar, Ajit Deshmukh, Dayna Lynn, Jim Bruno, Koku Gonza, Roz

Recording/Mix Engineers:
Shannon Harris (Groove Entourage Studios), Dennis Tousana (Chicago Recording Company, Absolute Audio).

Mastering Engineer:
Danny Leake (Urban Guerrilla Engineers).

Graphic Artist/Illustrators:
DeJohn Harris (Zhone Media) & Aum Mu Ra EL.

Editor and Remarks:
Coco Rosario


Artist: Shannon Harris
Label: Urbanicity Recordings
Release Date: 08-21-2010
Genres: Afrobeat, Batucada, Brazilian, Caribbean, Carnatic Music, House, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Soul, World Jazz Fusion

Available Lyrics

Viva A Vida Como Se Nao Hauvesse Amanha

Viva A Vida Como Se Nao Hauvesse Amanha (Live your life as if there is no tomorrow)